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tiny signs for tiny fingers
sign language classes and books for hearing families

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The Tiny Fingers program was  developed by Eileen Ladino, a sign language interpreter and certified teacher of deaf and hearing children with over 15 years of teaching experience.  

All teachers are fluent in American Sign Languag and have experience signing with babies and toddlers.

Baby sign language has radically affected the lives of many families.  Most children  begin to communicate through speech at 15-18 months of age.  With the use of sign language, families are now developing closer bonds with their children as they begin to communicate as early as 8-12 months of age!

Unlock the thoughts, observations and wants of your child’s mind with the gift of American Sign Language!


INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY:  Please note that in the event of a closing by the local school district, Tiny Fingers will not hold classes.  If the schools have a delayed opening, we will hold classes as scheduled.  Make-up classes will be offered for all cancelled classes.  For the school closings, you can check the corresponding links available on our schedule page. 

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I have watched my 15 month old son be able to sign to me since we went to signing classes with Eileen Ladino and it really is amazing. He can tell me when he is hot and when he is cold and whether he wants milk or water to drink. But last night it truly paid off. He woke up crying and when I went in I was able to ask him what was wrong and he showed me that his head hurt. A very short time later after some Tylenol he was sleeping peacefully again. Usually I would have been up a while changing his diaper, checking his tummy wasn't sore etc before trying to get him back to sleep. Tonight it was very quick. These classes are worth their weight in gold!! I would recommend them to everyone.
                 -  Jackie

Our son Eli attended your class last month and this week we have had the pleasure of seeing him ask for his milk using the sign without screaming. The reduction in crying has been very apparent. Eli will turn 9 months old next week. He now uses the sign repeatedly and shows excitement as he understands this great control he now has over his parents who react with quick service when the sign is given. Thank you for your help in creating a more peaceful environment.

      -Holly and Jonathan

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